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Friday, November 5th
Palmer's Bar
(full band)
w/ The Real Chuck NORAD

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(surprises in store)

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"Indie-troubadour Gabe Barnett's storied career - a pastiche of modern and nostalgic Americana imagery - finds the heartfelt, poetic narrative of a folksinger seamlessly merged with the cool, swaggering performance of a jazz-crooner, and adds enough punkier, experimental twists and tones to keep his sound uniquely his own, accomplishing what so many artists struggle to capture in their creations: timelessness."

"Drawn together by a passion for the truly great musics, unbound by genre, disconcerned with trend,

them Rounders mine sonic borealis from the ether above the Minneapolis skyline.  

A live band in the moment.  Recorded amaranthine."

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EASY  EP streaming everywhere NOW


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